Greetings from Shandong of China Development Forum 2016 Held in Beijing

In the evening of March 20th, the activity themed “Greetings from Shandong” of China Development Forum 2016, which was sponsored by Shandong Provincial People’s Government and Development Research Center of the State Council(DRC), was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Guo Shuqing, Deputy Secretary of CPC Shandong Committee and Governor of Shandong, attended the event and made a keynote speech. Li Wei, President of DRC and Dan Ammann, President of General Motors, delivered speeches respectively. 

Guo Shuqing, on behalf of CPC Shandong Committee and Shandong provincial government, extended warm welcome to all the guests and expressed appreciation to everyone’s support and understanding of Shandong. He said that, as an important cradle of Chinese civilization, Shandong is picking up pace in developing its economy since the reform and opening up which began over 30 years ago. With its strong foundation in real economy, Shandong has cultivated many outstanding enterprises. In recent years, Shandong has made notable achievement in adjusting industrial structure, but the structural problem of the economy is still prominent and the task for transforming and upgrading products and services is still daunting. Problems represent opportunities, while lagging behind means room for growth. Shandong will continue to advance supply-side structural reform, promote adjustment and transformation in such areas as steel, coal, chemicals, automobiles and industrial engineering and cut overcapacity. We look forward to comprehensive cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises. 

Guo Shuqing introduced challenges and key development areas of Shandong in agriculture, service, transport, etc. “We will further deepen reform in investment and financing systems, promote public-private partnership, and encourage various types of capitals to enter infrastructure sector. On-site urbanization is a feature of Shandong. In the next 5 years, we will promote human-oriented new urbanization based on the actual situation and provide urban citizenship for 10 million rural migrants. In the field of ecological management and environmental protection, Shandong stands ready to conduct closer cooperation with multinational enterprises, and is looking forward to early results in clean combustion, new energy, etc. Shandong boasts strong advantages in culture. We actively facilitate integration of culture and economy, and strive for both social and economic benefits. Shandong has one of the most advanced technologies in China, in particular in the field of maritime research. We will vigorously implement innovation-driven strategy, and attach greater importance to developing capacities of R&D, designing, brand, standard and creativity. Shandong always values education and welcomes the support of domestic and overseas private capitals in advancing Shandong’s educational endeavor. Shandong is governing the province in line with the rule of law and trying to put in place one of China’s best business environment. Shandong is taking the lead in deepening reform of economic system and has made concrete progress in many areas such as SOE, agriculture and rural areas, social security, income distribution and social governance. Shandong is actively conducting financial reforms and it is ready to carry out in-depth cooperation with corporations and institutions home and abroad.”Said Guo Shuqing. 

Shandong will open wider to the outside world, facilitate two way investment, strengthen strategic cooperation and industrial connection with Fortune Global 500 and industrial leading enterprises, said Guo Shuqing. He also expressed hopes that companies in Shandong could step up communication with multinational corporations, deepen mutual understanding and trust, lay a solid foundation for stronger cooperation. He welcomed the participation of domestic and overseas entrepreneurs in Shandong’s economic and social development, in a bid to realize win-win outcome. 

In his speech, Li Wei said that Shandong is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Shandong values the importance of a sound business environment and has implemented a series of measures to streamline administration, delegate powers to lower levels, improve market access, deepen reforms on various fronts and orderly carry out economic structure adjustment. These efforts have achieved fruitful results. The event tonight will be so impressive that people will know more about Shandong and connections will be built between Shandong and friends from all over the world. 

Mr. Dan Ammann introduced General Motors development in Shandong. He thanked Shandong for its sound environment for business development. He also said that his company would seize the opportunity to increase investment and write a new chapter for its development in Shandong. 

Guo Shuqing met with representatives of the Fortune Global 500 companies before the event. 

Lu Mai, Secretary-General of China Development Research Foundation, hosted the event. Xia Geng, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, Yang Luyu, Mayor of Jinan, Zhang Xinqi, Mayor of Qingdao, and Zhang Rong, President of Shandong University participated the activity. Around 500 people joined the activity, including Chairmen and CEOs of multinational enterprises, heads of international organizations, famous experts, heads of relevant Shandong provincial departments and mayors of various cities in Shandong. 

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